What Does a Land Surveyor Do?

Phoenix AZ land survey

A Phoenix AZ land survey  is a professional that defines the boundaries of property and prepares maps. The work that they do is a vital service for both residential and commercial properties and can be used in a variety of legal situations. A good land surveyor will provide a thorough quote and communicate clearly with clients.

Phoenix Surveyors: How to Choose the Right One Near You

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is important to know the exact location of your lot’s corners. This will ensure that you are building on the correct site and not encroaching on any other neighbors’ property lines. A property line survey will also provide legal support if any issues arise regarding the dimensions of your land during or after the buying or building process. It is important to note that who pays for this service varies from state to state, but typically the buyer assumes responsibility for this cost.

There are many types of surveys that a Phoenix AZ land surveyor can perform on your behalf. Some of these are more specialized than others, but all will provide you with the information that you need regarding your property.

One of the most common types of surveys is an ALTA survey. This is designed to meet the needs of lenders and title companies and is required before a title insurance policy can be issued. This type of survey has a very specific set of minimum standards that must be met in order to be considered compliant with the Arizona statutes and regulations.

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