Passover Listings Announces New Instant Price Matching Tool

Passover Listings

Explore Passover Vacations is an important Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt and is celebrated through a Seder meal with family, friends and the community. During the seder, Jews share stories about their redemption and freedom from slavery and create special memories that last a lifetime. Many kosher travelers choose to participate in Passover programs and vacations for the holiday. However, when it comes to finding the perfect Pesach program for one’s budget and kashrut level, it can be difficult.

Many kosher travel agencies do not post prices for their Passover programs online and require interested parties to submit an inquiry to figure out pricing. This process can become tedious and time consuming. Plus, if the price isn’t what the traveler wants to pay, it means starting over and searching for another program.

Navigating Passover Listings: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Celebration

Passover Listings is proud to announce a new tool that will allow potential travelers to key in basic information and instantly receive pricing for various programs. The tool is available now on the Passover Listings website and will be rolled out to other platforms including the Passover Listings Facebook group, Passover Program Reviews Facebook page and the TotallyJewishTravel Twitter feed. This tool will save a tremendous amount of time for both potential travelers and the Passover programs that are looking to fill empty spaces. It also allows prospective travelers to be matched with the right program based on their budget and needs.

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