How to Market Your Catering Coffee Bar

When planning an event, a catering coffee bar can add the perfect finishing touch. Baristas are trained to treat each cup of espresso as if it were the only one they will be serving that night and will help guests discover what drink would complement their occasion or mood best. Smaller events, such as a baby shower or office staff celebration, are ideal for an espresso caterer because of the personal service and attention to detail a barista will provide.

Catering Coffee Bar: Where Quality Meets Convenience

Focusing on local businesses can also be a great way to market your mobile coffee catering services. Many companies will have a town hall meeting or other on-site event where having a coffee bar can add a nice touch of class and provide a morale boost for the employees. Similarly, bridal magazines will be a great place to advertise your services because weddings are a time when specialty coffees can really make an event memorable.

To attract customers, your website should include a description of your products and services, pictures of your drinks and events that you have catered, as well as pricing information. A Web page can serve as your storefront, so it’s important to design it professionally and include a contact form for potential clients to use to ask questions about your services.

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