Choosing the Right Yoga Clothes

Choosing the right yoga clothes is key to a smooth and stress-free practice. Clothes that don’t breathe or stick to you, raise your body temperature or cause distractions during bending and twisting movements can have a negative impact on your ability to focus on the poses and stay present in the moment.

How many pairs of leggings do you need?

Invest in quality, long-lasting yoga pants and tops that will keep up with your rigorous flow schedule. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your partner, here are some things to consider when shopping for new yoga clothes:

Breathability: Wear moisture-wicking fabrics that move sweat away from your skin so it evaporates quickly and doesn’t cling to you. Tank tops with mesh panels along the sides, back and shoulders can also help improve ventilation.

Flexibility: Clothing that can stretch, bend and tuck to accommodate your movements is a must. Look for shirts with form-fitting construction that hug your hips and waist, as well as tees with built-in bra support for women.

Layers: A lightweight wool shawl thrown over a zip-up sweatshirt is a yoga wardrobe staple that keeps you warm during yoga nidra, the lying down relaxation part of your session. It’s also handy for wrapping up when you head out of the studio after your practice and into the cold.

Sustainability: Mukha Yoga sources all their yoga apparel from ethical manufacturers. Their factories are Fair Trade certified, and they’re bluesign(r) approved, meaning they avoid toxins while using environmentally friendly fabric finishes. They’re also committed to reducing their carbon footprint, by minimizing packaging and working with the OIA Climate Action Corps.

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