Benefits of Polished Concrete and Industrial Coatings for Warehouse Flooring

The warehouse floor is one of the most important aspects of the facility. It is where trucks and forklifts move, and where materials are stored, and it is critical to the efficiency of the entire facility. A well-built, durable warehouse floor is essential to the operation of a facility and a key investment in its long-term performance. Go

There are a few different flooring options available for warehouses, but two stand out as the ideal choices: industrial coatings and polished concrete. Traditionally, warehouse concrete floors have been coated with epoxy coatings to create a cleanable, safe and attractive surface. However, these coatings can flake and peel exposing the porous concrete underneath. This exposed concrete is dusty, breaks down forklift tires and can become a safety issue if the floor is not regularly cleaned.

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With polished concrete, you can skip the coatings entirely. This saves money and reduces the amount of chemicals in your building. It’s an eco-friendly choice and it could help your facility qualify for LEED certification.

The other benefit of polished concrete for warehouses is the slip resistance it provides. Research has shown that polished concrete is one of the most slip-resistant flooring options. This is particularly true if the floor is clean and free of debris and other contaminants.

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