Wet Pour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance rubber crumb surface is the most popular playground surfacing for good reason, it’s durable, safe, cost-effective and can be designed in a huge range of colours. It’s also one of the most impact-absorbing surfaces available for children, significantly reducing head injuries should they fall off equipment.

The only real maintenance that is needed is regular cleaning. This is done by using a pressure washer with rotary surface cleaning equipment to remove any organic growth such as moss, algae or leaves. This is usually carried out during the autumn months but should be a regular part of the maintenance programme to keep your surface clean and healthy.

Seasonal Wetpour Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Other maintenance can include a light brushing to remove any mud or natural matter from the EPDM safety flooring. This helps to keep the pore sizes in the surface open and prevents them from being blocked. We do recommend that rock salt/grit is not used on the surface as it can damage the material and reduce its porosity and permeable nature.

Over time a wetpour surface can become grubby and dirty looking, however this is dependent on factors such as the amount of overhead tree cover, shady areas developing moss or algae and poor drainage which causes ponding or stagnation. A wet pour surface which is cleaned regularly and kept free from weeds, pine needles and other detritus will stay cleaner for longer.

Sometimes a wetpour surface can become damaged with cracks and gaps, in these situations a rubber surfacing overlay can be applied. This is a cheap and quick repair solution which adds a new 15 mm layer of wetpour to the existing installation, making it look as good as new without the expensive cost of having to rip up and relaid the entire surface. A new colour scheme can be introduced at this point if desired.

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