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The teachers' guide is intended to help middle-school students view the Minnesota: A History of the Land video series and develop an understanding of the following key concepts:

• The land (physical environment) has played powerful role in shaping Minnesota's economies and communities.

• Minnesotans have had an enormous impact on the state's waters, plants, and wildlife and have an important role to play as stewards of the environment.

• The historical causes of the landscape's current condition - its health, use, and long-term sustainability - are essential to understanding crucial issues of conservation and natural resource management.

While the video series alone is an effective educational tool, this curriculum is designed to help middle-school teachers guide students to uncover the main points of each episode and to expand on these concepts through discussion questions, companion lesson plans, and extension activities.

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> For discussion questions appropriate for the teen to adult viewer, download the Viewers' Guide.

(The Viewers' Guide provides an overview of each episode including a brief description of episode segments, discussion questions, a list of suggested references, and a set of Minnesota maps.)


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