Buying Used at Glenbrook Dodge Pre-Owned

Buying used is often a more Glenbrook Dodge Pre-Owned than purchasing a new vehicle. At Glenbrook Dodge Pre-Owned, we’re dedicated to helping drivers from Fort Wayne and beyond find a quality car or SUV at an affordable price. Our dealership features a large inventory of popular makes and models, so finding the right fit is easy. We also have a team that’s well versed in navigating the complexities of auto financing. No matter your credit history, we’ll work hard to help you secure a loan or lease that fits within your budget.

The vehicles in our pre-owned inventory have been carefully inspected to ensure they’re in excellent condition. Each one comes with a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report, which includes any DMV-reported incidents in the vehicle’s past. Moreover, every CPOV also comes with a warranty that’s valid for up to 100,000 miles. This coverage is available to you at no extra cost, and you can even extend it by adding a warranty upgrade.

Pre-Owned Excellence: Glenbrook Dodge’s Trusted Selection

You’ll be glad to know that we offer a variety of pre-owned vehicles in our inventory, including Certified Pre-Owned cars and trucks. These are low-mile, high-quality vehicles that offer a higher level of quality than your typical used model. In addition, they’re backed by strong warranty coverage and underwent a thorough inspection. These vehicles are the perfect choice for savvy shoppers who want to avoid the stress and uncertainty of buying a used car. Buying a certified pre-owned model also allows you to enjoy exclusive benefits like 24-hour roadside assistance, gas delivery (up to two gallons), flat tire service, battery jumps, and a rental car allowance.

How to Do a Roof Install


A well-installed roof protects your home from weather elements, allowing it to be more comfortable. It also helps reduce energy costs and improves the appearance of your house. But a roof install requires more than just shingles and flashing. There are many layers that work together to ensure a leak-free barrier and consistent indoor temperature.

Manufacturer warranties and homeowner’s insurance are key components of a successful roof installation. Make sure to understand each of these before you agree to the terms of any contract. Choosing the right materials is another important part of the process. Some popular choices include asphalt shingles, tile roofs, and metal roofing. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages for different climates.

Top Tips for a Successful Roof Install

Before a new roof can be installed, the old one must be removed. Make sure you hire a professional who will safely and thoroughly remove the existing shingles and underlayment. Ideally, they will move all items on or near the roof (such as furniture, plants, and pets) to avoid any damage. Large tarps should be placed on the ground to catch debris and nails.

The next step is to lay an ice and water barrier if it isn’t already there. Then the underlayment is applied, a layer of felt paper that acts as an extra barrier. The starter strip is then installed. These are strips that are only half as wide as regular shingles and prevent water from running between the seams. Then the shingles are installed.